Bout Sheets for 2019 BigIce Tournament

2019-BigIce_BoutSheets FRIDAY 24th REV1 05242019 (pdf)


2019-BigIce_BoutSheets Saturday 25th REV1 05242019 (pdf)


2019-BigIce_BoutSheets SUNDAY 26TH REV1 05242019 (pdf)


Welcome to the BIGICE Tournament

This tournament is dedicated to Isaac BIGICE Martinez aka THE ICE MAN May 24th through 26th 2019, Memorial Day weekend. It will be the first annual tournament in honor of Bigice who passed on May 16th, 2018. He was blessed enough to donate his organs for others who needed them in order to keep living. He also left a legacy of who he was and what he wanted to do for the boxing community. The BIGICE tournament is dedicated to his memory and his dedication to selfless service to his community. As Bigice has moved on, we will honor and keep his memory alive till we meet again. 


Tournament Info

Additional Information


The BIGICE tournament will be held at CDM in the Greenspoint Mall, Houston Texas. All the information and documents will be posted here. The boxing tournament is an amateur tournament open to any current registered USA boxing amateur. There will be an outstanding male athlete of the night and outstanding female athlete of the night winning $50 each per competition night. 1st place in your division will receive a medal. 

There is no cost for registering for this tournament. If your looking to compete in your first bout, this is a great opportunity for this New-Comers tournament. Everyone in that New-comers bracket will not have any fights the beginning of the tournament. Out of town boxers and teams, we will know the weekend before the start of the tournament if your boxer has opponent(s), or if there is a possibility of matching up.

Please download the PDF to your computer and save it. Then  fill out the roster and entry forms and save it to your computer. Then you can e-mail, mail, or  print out and hand deliver to CDM Boxing Gym. The fact sheet will have all the details for the tournament.

For help or for questions, Contact James Johnson (Tournament Director) 832-894-9732 or Abraham Martinez 512-592-2997.


Tournament Update


2019 BigIce Tournament Unopposed List

For all the clubs that registered, I will be sending an email to you verifying the boxers I have in the brackets for you to go over and make sure I did not miss any boxer. Here is the unopposed list

2019 Bigice Boxing Tournament

Unopposed List

This list is subject to change for corrections or updates.  We will match as many as we can. If your on this list, there was nobody else in your bracket.

1. Destiny Shuford (132) HBG 

2. Maythe Mendoza (60) Aftermath 

3. Jackie Mendez (106) HBG 

4. Stephanie Perez (110) Fighter Nation 

5. Mercedes Castanon (114) Castillo boxing gym 

6. Bella Romeo (120) Baby Bull

7. Janiya Escareno (95) Aztlan S Houston

8. Autumn Villalobos (80) Castillo boxing gym

9. Angela Zuniga (65) DAL PAL

10. Richard Robledo (110) HBG

11. Benjamin Reveles (145) Castillo boxing gym

12. Jonathan Archila (70) Texas City Boxing

13. Jose Alarado (90) Pequeno

14. Bryan Sanchez (106) CDM

15. Jose Artiga Jr (75) Rocky's

16. Zylion Edwards (101) Victory University

17. Damian Contreras (106) CDM

18. Martin Mosqueda (65) HBG

19. Jose Leon (85) Longoria Boxing

20. Jose Vasquez (90) DALLAS PAL

21. Sherlonia 178+ Grace (178) Nomad Boxing Gym

22. Christina Rivera (125) Paradigm

23. Erica Donnelly (152) Rumble

24. Roma Martinez (132) Elite Boxing Academy

25. Christine LaPerna (106) Unattached 

26. William Moses (152) Victory University

27. Dominik Tyrrell (132) Collinsworth Boxing

28. Clayton Ward (114) Round4Round

29. John Atiles (114) UNATTACHED

30. Darryl Johnson (165) Round4Round

31. Jaylon Stanley (178) Power City Boxing

32. Dominic Okopie 201+ (202) Willie Savanah

33. Rafael Ortiz (106) Macias Boxing

34. Michael Terrazas (100) Lumberjacks

35. Ryan Martinez (138) HBG

36. Nathaniel Saldana 154+ (154) BCS Boxing

37. Carlos Gonzales (75) J.R Boxing Club

38. Brayan Reartes (85) YMCA Wichita

39. Alexander Monroy (90) A's Boxing

40. Juan XO Cazares (106) Elite Boxing Academy

41. Ivan Reyes (114) Longoria Boxing

42. Juan Velasquez (145) Top Show Boxing

43. Kevin Ayala (85) RGBA SAN ANTO

44. Daniel Ramirez (106) Baby Bull

45. Joseph Miranda (125) Miranda Boxing

46. Tavorian Anderson (138) Lionhearted

47. Hector Lazarro (70) Dallas PAL

48. Christian Alvizo (80) Dallas PAL

49. Diego Barron (85) Dallas PAL

50. Joshua Valadez (90) Dallas PAL

51. Julian Diaz (95) HBG

52. Odet Mota (114) Castillo boxing gym

53. Kamryn Burleson (145) Baby Bull

54. Danna Martinez (106) Willie savanna

55. Liza Martinez (95) Castillo boxing gym

56. Madilynn Hernandez (114) Champ Lyfe

57. Lorena Ramirez (119) HBG

58. Daniel Castellanos (114) Castillo boxing gym

59. Jessy Garcia-Alfaro (165) BCS Boxing

60. Herbert Bendy (114) Lionhearted

61. Syed Shah (138) Nomad Boxing Gym

62. Jalen Villareal (154) One Family

63. Anthony Villanueva (101) Aztlan2

64. Isaac Obregon (110) Rocky's

65. Ulysses Salinas (114) G&M Boxing

66. Christopher Baron (125) Macias Boxing

67. Jorge Garcia (132) Savannah

68. Micahel Depalma (145) Longoria Boxing

69. Paul Hernandez (101) Schlettes

70. Kanye Gee (106) Bay City Christian Boxing Club

71. Fabian Arredondo (110) Freeport Boxing

72. Fernando Vasquez (119) Dallas PAL

73. Christian Terrazas (125) Lumberjacks

74. Ben Mares (132) Elite Boxing Academy

75. Tavien Alpough (95) Lionhearted

76. Jade Casiano (106) Paradigm

77. Bianca Zavala (110) Rocky's

78. Aaliyah Mendez (132) HBG

79. D'Lisa Whaley (132) Longoria Boxing

80. Malachi Rodriguez (50) Elite Boxing Academy

81. Fnu Azizullah (85) Savannah

82. Ociel Martinez (110) Rocky's

83. Rico Trevino (70) One Family

84. Ethan Rocha (75) Willie Savannah

85. Jose Reyna (80) Buffalo Boxing Club

86. Abel Esparza (80) Round4Round 

87. Mario Reyes (90) BCS Boxing

88. Jaime Borja (55) Buffalo Boxing Club

89. Mario Acosta (65) Top Show Boxing

90. Kamilla Pineda (75) Baby Bull

91. Mallery Mata FLAG (85) HBG

92. Makayla Castanon (75) Castillo Boxing

93. Aliah Ortiz (80) A's boxing

94. Juan German (141) G&M

95. Alex DeLa Garza (132) Texas City Boxing

96. Joel Maldonado (141) Paradigm

97. Cameron Miles (178) Savannah

98. Adrian Olveda (202) Rocky's

99. Wilson White (108) Lionhearted

100. Jose Guerrero JR (114) CDM

101. Giovanni Moctezuma (123) Aztlan 2

102. Raul Martinez (165) HBG

103. Belem Martinez (106) Baby Bull

104. Katia Chavarria FLAG (114) HBG

105. Allyah Pequeno (119) Pequeno

Having a big sale, on-site celebrity, or other event? Be sure to announce it so everybody knows and gets excited about it.


Help Our Cause


For sponsoring or donations, you can contact Abe at 512-592-2997, or hit the DONATE NOW button for PayPal. Your support is greatly appreciated, and this tournament will be the first of yearly tournaments in honor of BigIce. 

We are accepting any donation including 501c3 donations.

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Send an email, call Abe Martinez at 512-592-2997, or send a text

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$300 and $500/with food and drinks

VIP tables seat up to 8 people. When purchasing a VIP table, it will be available Friday through Sunday

Bigice Boxing Tournament at CDM, Greenspoint mall

144 Greenspoint Mall, Houston Texas 77060

Call Abe at (512) 592-2997 for any questions or concerns.